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The Top Reasons to Join Ambit

Ambit Energy is the perfect product! Plain and simple, everyone wants to save money on their energy bills – even you! 

This makes Ambit Energy to perfect product for you and the perfect product to offer others – helping people save money in the process!

To me, that’s always been enough of a reason. But that’s only where it begins! Ambit Energy become a Network Marketing company, a popular method of product building for many companies these days. It saves companies the cost of their own marketing efforts and allows customers the opportunity to tell others about the product while making money themselves. Network Marketing companies are the way of the future and Ambit is the only company with the perfect product! You aren’t convincing people to buy or subscribe to skin products, kitchenware, health products, internet services or anything that may only appeal to a select part of the population. You are simply offering people a way to save money on their energy bills! And everyone wants that!

Free Energy

Just refer 15 or more friends to Ambit and you will earn a Free Energy credit – each billing cycle – for up to your total energy cost! That’s it! If you refer 15 people, you will have most, if not ALL of your energy bill COMPLETELY paid for every month!

Customer Care

Ambit’s U.S.-based Customer Care team is trained to handle anything. That’s why they are the best in the industry! But it isn’t just Ambit’s incredible customer service, when you sign up to Ambit, you join a team of helpful people that are willing to help you save money on your energy bills and provide support if you become a consultant.

Travel Rewards

Earn points toward travel packages for energy used. And just for switching to Ambit, they give you a 3-day/2-night hotel stay!

The Opportunity to Earn Extra Income

Being an Ambit Consultant is the part-time business that could lead to a lifetime of benefits. Take your first step to financial freedom. Ambit makes it easy for consultants to make money by providing a product that everyone needs. You have a perfect product to offer that everyone needs and you have an exceptional support team to help you succeed and build residual income – the easiest way to achieve financial freedom.