Deregulation Made Ambit Possible

What is Deregulation?

Back when our country was building cities, launching utilities and breaking ground on new power plants, your household energy service was provided, managed and billed by the same electric company. And for a while, this made sense. But, as time passed, prices began to rise. And since there was no competition to keep these rising rates in check, customers were left with almost no options. Frustrations grew and customers got crabby. Then, thankfully, national legislation was passed granting each state the power to break free from the outdated single source system allowing residents the freedom to choose their energy providers. New low rates were made possible by deregulation.

Currently, over 20 states enjoy the competitive advantages. Ambit Energy is proud to be a part of this exciting shift offering electric and natural gas service to 9 deregulated states. As the number of markets continues to grow, Ambit Energy looks forward to growing right along with them.

What does this mean for you?

Once deregulation was passed, Ambit was able to become an energy retailer. You can read more about the the history of Ambit Energy in my post entitled, The Ambit Journey. However, Ambit did not just decide to become an energy retailer. They chose to become a company built on Network Marketing, allowing everyone the opportunity to sell energy – the perfect product! This wealth-sharing marketing technique has proved true time and time again with many companies and has made Ambit Energy one of the top Network Marketing companies out there with a large number of success stories and countless people earning a residual income from selling a product that everyone needs – effectively making Ambit the best Network Marketing choice available.